Recently there has been a real buzz about EC1 food again, for a while there is kinda fizzled out, but thanks to some on trend occupiers taking restaurant units our waist lines are expanding and our pockets emptying

Seriously though, there are some really amazingly scrummy restaurants in Clerkenwell right now, Foxlow being my absolute favourite but you can’t beat Burger and Lobster for a fun inexpensive lunch and Polpo with their mega arancini balls and Blackfoot on Exmouth Market for all things Pork and I am really looking forward to Iberica opening on Turnmill St soon

Kench and Bibesy on Long Lane serves the best Gin and Tonic’s and the Be @ One on Charterhouse Street has a great happy hour deal on cocktails which seems to last for hours.

Clerkenwell is also now spoiled for choice if you fancy something quick and hot – a Mexican burrito, pizza slices at Pixxa and coming very soon another street food concept – and of course, the amazing smells wafting down Whitecross Street Market with street traders serving everything from jerk wraps to thai currys and mediterranean flatbreads.

But in my opinion Clerkenwell still remains under shopped in terms of supply, especially with Crossrail coming – can you imagine how many people will be milling around Smithfield.

But is it only about food?  Are there any angles which shopkeepers in Clerkenwell could be missing a trick on?  Personally I think the Boots on Farringdon Rd has been a godsend and something which the area has lacked for years.  But what else, who else can provide a missing service.  If you think you have the answer then get in touch because it just so happens that I have several retail premises to let at the moment (now you see where I was going with this…)

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