Primrose Hill

Whilst Jarvis Keller Stephens specialise in EC1, we also act for Landlords who have properties all over Central London, one in particular is the small business estate known as 6 Erskine Road in Primrose Hill.

It’s such a lovely estate comprising 6 blocks of various heights and sizes located just off Regents Park Road and a few minutes walk from Chalk Farm station.  Historically some of the units have been used for piano manufacturing, at one time a stamp factory and then a well known footwear brand’s warehouse.  Nowadays the tenants are mainly creative companies, TV production, advertising and music studios.

What I always find interesting is the background behind tenant’s reasons for wanting to be in Primrose Hill.  There is no bank, no proper post office, no chain coffee house nor a pre-packed sandwich in sight !  Yet I don’t recall ever having difficulty in finding a tenant, I normally have a handful of potential occupiers on a waiting list to get into one of the units.  In my opinion there is a shortfall of commercial properties in Primrose Hill but apart from that I put it down to the fact that Primrose Hill is the ideal location for creative occupiers, the ability to step out of your workplace onto the buzzy yet beautiful Regents Park Road, sit outside one of the deli’s and have a coffee whilst scribbling down ideas for the next pitch, or to slowly walk around Primrose Hill park humming the first bars of your next top ten hit!

Because of the variation of tenants the estate attracts, one thing that I look forward to seeing is how the tenants transform the various units, what one year is a concert promoter call centre with 20 staff sitting side by side can the next year be a clothing designer’s showroom with only a couple of staff surrounded by rows of next years wardrobe must haves.

Personally I love carrying out inspections at 6 Erskine Road, the sun always seems to be shining and birds twittering away in the tree’s, I feel like a City girl on a mini country break for an hour!  The fact that you can walk to the west end in a few mins by just cutting through Regents Park and that you have all the amenities you need in neighbouring Camden I think adds to the beauty of working in Primrose Hill.  It’s all within reach if you want it, but it’s not in your face.

My clients laid back yet highly successful tenants always welcome new additions to the estate, some have been here for over 15 years, some started off in the smallest space and expanded to over 3 units.  If you are considering moving your workplace to Primrose Hill then best be quick, space is at a premium and doesn’t hang around for long.  Email me to see if I have any availability to suit you